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David Dassa

Announcing “Family Jewish Arts & Cultural Retreat”

Memorial Day

Join us in beautiful Malibu at Camp Hess Kramer for an incredible weekend of Jewish dance, music, theater, fine arts, costume theme parties, campfire, arts festival…plus beach, climbing wall, ropes course, sports, and more!

Memorial Day Weekend (Postponed)

This weekend is a retreat designed specifically to excite and advance Jewish arts to those with a love and fascination for creativity and community. Throughout the weekend, you will have a chance to experience singing, dancing, fine arts, and theater, and then choose the specific arts workshop which interests you most. We will offer adult and children’s workshops separately, as well as arts activities in which families may participate together. In addition to all of the weekend’s exciting activities, you will be able to enjoy a climbing wall, ropes course, tennis, basketball, gaga, sunbathing on the beach, and beautiful hills for hiking.

The camp is currently under re-construction due to the Woolsey Fire in Malibu (2018). To help with the recovery options please visit the website here. To donate and help the rebuilding of Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps click here.

Please check back here after the recovery operation is complete.

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